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A Simple System To Build A Wardrobe That Works For Your Body - Every Time

mary michele

Master Style Coach, Creator of the StyleFinder ID System

Then you have time for the Wardrobe of your DREAMS!

Wardrobe 101:
  • Learn to secret to buying only the clothes you LOVE and can't wait to wear
  • What it means to do a cost-per-wear analysis
  • Why 3 is the magic number
  • ​How to planning a wardrobe strategy that works for your body
Step Two:
Learn the tips the professionals use to organize and coordinate the items in your closet. You'll know exactly what you have and where to find it. 
Discovery Phase:
  • Learn your Fabulous Five colors
  • Define your Signature Silhouette 
  •  What your StyleID means for you
  • ​Other juicy style bits that make you unique
Practical Application:
  • Core Items: Know which items to bring in to start your foundation
  • Accent Items: Understand how to express your personality and style with color, texture, and patterns.
  • Signature Items: Complete your look with wonderful and unique items that share your style story.
Step Four:
Create a Lookbook
Save time, money, and stress by knowing what to wear and how to wear. Learns the pro tips to creating 2-3 outfits with the same items. 
Secret Power of Accessories and Color
  • Accessories are fun part of your wardrobe and the icing on cake. Learn what makes an accessory right for your face, body, and style. 
  • Finding Your Signature Color: How can color compliment your hair, eye, and skin color.
  • Personal Scale: Learn your personal scale type and how it helps you know exactly what size jewelry to wear, purse to carry, or even the best prints to buy.
Make Getting Dressed a Snap

Clothing Capsules can help you:

  • Have more looks from fewer items, saving you $$$
  • Update your look simply by adding a few pieces
  • ​Shop more efficiently and effectively because you know exactly what you need
  • Pack quickly and easily for travel
    “Shopping has become a focused & purposeful activity...
    Before working with Closet Clarity I would stand in my closet with a frown on my face and reach for the same combinations of clothing. I simply detested shopping for clothes, shoes or accessories. I literally grew tired of “seeing” myself in the same clothing. Now, I look forward to shopping because it has become a focused and purposeful activity. I am enjoying my new wardrobe and feel like a new, empowered and confident woman. Thank you Michele!”

     - Stacy H

    Meet Mary Michele

    Master Style Coach & Personal Shopper

    Mary Michele Nidiffer is on a mission to help women discover how beautiful they really are. As Founder of Style by Mary Michele and StyleFinder Boutique, Creator of the StyleFinder ID® System, Master Style Coach and Self-Love Expert, she knows firsthand that you can be pleased with nothing if you are not pleased with yourself and is committed to creating resources to empower women to feel beautiful from the inside out. 

    In 2008 she launched her style coaching practice after being asked by countless women to help them ‘find their style’. Mary Michele realized she had stepped into more than just a new career path – she had uncovered her purpose! Passionate about helping women discover their unique signature style, she created her proprietary StyleFinder ID® System to empower her clients with a clear understanding of their true style and how to dress for who they are. It has been magical to see these transformations again and again!

    Mary Michele boldly guides women who want to live their best life to step into their own authentic style through one-on-one coaching, group workshops, products, programs, speaking and corporate training designed to help women bring out their very best every step of the way.

    It is her purpose to help women around the world overcome self-image issues and redefine beauty on their own terms.

    Mary Michele hosts her own SFTV LIVE show several times a week on the StyleFinder APP. She is also a national speaker, freelance writer, wine enthusiast and foodie who lives with her husband and four children in Raleigh, NC. Some of her favorite things include dark chocolate, cooking, Pinot Noir from the Russian River Valley, anything handcrafted, walking in nature, travel, and living life on purpose. She believes all women have a story and wants to help bring a happy ending to yours!

    What people are saying about working with Mary Michele

    Real People. Real Success Stories.

    Just what I needed!

    I had a wonderful experience and just the help I needed! She evaluated my coloring and body type and found the perfect outfits. And taught me style tips I can really use for my body type. I'm going into Fall with clothes that make me feel good about myself. Thanks!!!
    Karen S.

    I received so many compliments!

    I used to stand in my closet feeling anxious, confused & frustrated. My clothes were outdated & uninspiring. My excuse was I hated to shop-and I did. The same feelings of confusion, frustration & anxiety followed me to the mall. I'm SO happy I found Michele. I can honestly say she has changed my total perception of fashion, style & shopping. It has been like learning a new language & I love it.
    S. Blackwell

    Mary Michele knows her stuff!

    Mary Michele knows her stuff and will make you look and feel beautiful inside and out!
    Barnsley B.

    She is a Treasure!!!

    I discovered Mary Michelle several years ago and I have so enjoyed learning her thoughts about how we should dress to look our best. She is a Treasure!!!
    Micki B.

    New wardrobe and look!

    Recently had Michele help me with a new wardrobe and look. She knows exactly how to make everything work together and I am loving it all! So glad to have reconnected with Michele, she is the best!
    Cathy A.

    I have the tools I need to find the best looks!

    Stylefinder makes shopping easy. Not only do they have unique clothing, they have an amazing staff under the direction of Mary. I recently did a style analysis and it was dead on. I have the tools I need to find the best looks for me and my personal style. If you have never done this before, you won't regret it!
    Donna M.

    Now I know that ALL my clothes work!

    I'm amazed that my closet has much more room now that we've weeded out what wasn't working, that I'm leaving the door open so I can appreciate it at all times. Now I know that ALL my clothes work and how to wear them to flatter me.
    Jan S.
    “Before working with Michele ...
    I would stand in my closet with a frown on my face and reach for the same combinations of clothing. I simply detested shopping for clothes, shoes or accessories. I literally grew tired of “seeing” myself in the same clothing.  

    To my total surprise and amazement – I had much more than I saw previously. Michele “opened my eyes” to new combinations of my pieces. I certainly had much more than I thought! 

    Now that I am armed with knowledge about myself and my style, shopping has become a focused and purposeful activity. I feel like a new, empowered and confident woman. Thank you Michele!”

     - Maunette Tait

    How to Build a Wardrobe Details
    Here's a Recap of Everything You Get!
    Mary Michele's Entire Wardrobe Building Workbook, which includes...

    Chapter One: Wardrobe 101

    (Value: $47)

    Chapter Two: The Discovery Phase

    (Value: $27)

    Chapter Three: Practical Application

    (Value: $17)

    Chapter Four: Core Items

    (Value: $47)

    Chapter Five: Accent & Signature Items

    (Value: $27)

    Chapter Six: Wearing Accessories

    (Value: $37)

    Chapter Seven: Defining Personal Scale

    (Value: $47)

    Chapter Eight: Building Clothing Capsules

    (Value: $47)

    Chapter Nine: How to Shop

    (Value: $57)

    Chapter Ten: How to Shop Your Closet

    (Value: $27)

    Chapter Eleven: Maintenance

    (Value: $27)

    BONUS: Cost Per Wear Calculator

    (Value: $14)

    BONUS: 6 Simple Secrets Guide

    (Value: $19)

    BONUS: Rock Your Style Guide

    (Value: $19)

    BONUS: Slim Tricks Guide

    (Value: $24)



    Yours today for Only $19!

    This Workbook is designed to give you all the information you need to know to create the wardrobe that is right for your body. We will walk you through the Simple Steps in the Wardrobe Building process. 
    When You Order Today
    We're including the following bonuses:
    Cost Per Wear Calculator
    6 Simple Secrets To Wearing Color With Confidence
    5 Ways To Rock Your Style Like A Boss
    Slim Ticks to Help You Look 5 Pounds Lighter
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